YARP - Healthway Arts Sponsorship Programs

Healthway Arts Sponsorship Programs
Prize Pool: $50 000.00

Regularity: Annually Exhibit Will Tour: - -
Sales Commissions: - - Date Entry Closed: Jul 17
Date Exhibit: - - Date Announced: - -
Entry Fee: $0.00 Is Acquisitive: - -
State: WA



Healthway’s Arts Sponsorship Program designed to provide support for arts projects such as exhibitions, theatre/dance productions, arts festivals, workshops and arts competitions for Incorporated organisations.
In return, these events provide opportunities for the promotion of health messages, the creation of healthy environments and increase participation in the arts.

Funding amounts vary from $50,000 to $5,000.

Closing date is for applications of $50,000. There is no closing date for other amounts but allow a 4 month lead time.

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