YARP - Churchill Fellowship

Churchill Fellowship
Prize Pool: $25 000.00

Regularity: Annually Exhibit Will Tour: - -
Sales Commissions: - - Date Entry Closed: Feb 29
Date Exhibit: - - Date Announced: Jul 1
Entry Fee: $0.00 Is Acquisitive: - -
State: ACT

Must be aged over 18 years. Not open to school leavers or students. Open to individuals only not groups.


The aim of the Winston Churchill fellowship is to provide the opportunity for Australians to travel overseas in order to conduct research in their area of expertise and gain experience that is not readily available in Australia.
The fellowship is valued at around $25,000.
Duration of a Fellowship must be between 4 and 6 weeks.
Successful applicants can travel from September 1st in the year of award. Includes travel costs, and a living allowance.
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