YARP - Indigenous Ceramic Art Award

Indigenous Ceramic Art Award
Prize Pool: $33 000.00

Regularity: Biennially Exhibit Will Tour: - -
Sales Commissions: - - Date Entry Closed: Aug 26
Date Exhibit: Dec 2 Date Announced: Dec 2
Entry Fee: $0.00 Is Acquisitive: Yes
State: VIC

Must be Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander living in Australia and the Torres Straight.Limit 3 works per artist.


This award celebrates the diverse use of the ceramic medium by indigenous artists from around Australia. Works will be shortlisted for final consideration for prizes.
The first prize is $20,000
Second prize is $5000
Third prize is $5000
Award for Victorian ceramicists is $3000
There is no application fee associated with this award.

Works go through a preselection process and successful finalists will be notified by September 23, 2011.

Details current for February 2011 award.

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